Podcast Launch Toolkit

The most comprehensive PDF Guide for planning, setting up and launching your podcast.

The Podcast Launch Toolkit is your fast-track guide to launching your Podcast in the next few weeks – without spending thousands on equipment and wasting countless hours on making unimportant decisions.

Before we tell you all about this guide, let’s talk about who this is really for…

You’re an entrepreneur at heart with a tonne of drive and ambition who can’t wait to get away from the endless hustle and grind and who’s ready to step into a new way of reaching their audience with more ease, AND more impact.

Whether you’re…

➜ an online business owner that’s ready to reach more of their ideal clients without creating endless content and spending hours giving free value in Facebook Groups

➜ highly passionate and knowledgeable about a specific topic and wanting to get more involved in that industry – and potentially monetise your expertise down the road

You’re in the right place and we’re going to tell you exactly how the Podcast Launch Toolkit will give you all the tools and inspiration you need on your journey to finally launching your podcast.

Once you’ve worked through this toolkit,
you will have…

Ordered your essential podcasting equipment without wasting tonnes of money on stuff you absolutely do not need!

➜ Grasped the entire podcasting ecosystem that’s been confusing you for months – in a matter of minutes

➜ Planned your entire podcast – including specifying the transformation, choosing a name, writing a description and designing your artwork without taking weeks to do it all

Have your entire podcasting infrastructure set up – including choosing the podcast host, setting up an efficient file structure on your computer, setting up your master spreadsheet and choosing your recording and editing tools 

➜ Planned your entire podcast launch period so that you know what you will be working on every single week

➜ Recorded and edited your intro, outro, trailer and at least the first 5 episodes so that you’re ready to reveal your podcast to the world

Prepared your entire process for interviewing guests – without endless rescheduling and having to re-record an interview because of a tech fail

➜ Submitted your podcast to all major podcast directories so that your listeners can actually FIND you on launch day

➜ Created your podcast website AND social media accounts to be able to grow a community of listeners around your podcast

We have been working with entrepreneurs in the online marketing industry for more than 9 years combined – for the last 3 years we have been editing podcasts for our clients, while helping them to launch courses and programs that have made millions of dollars in revenue.

Now helping podcasters grow and scale is the ONLY thing we do, because we believe that it is the simplest and BEST way to get YOUR voice heard.

Here’s what our clients say about working with us…

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What’s Inside the Podcast Launch Toolkit?

The Podcast Launch Toolkit will walk you through every single step in the journey of launching your podcast.

It’s designed to END the cycle of procrastination and get you to power through so that you can LAUNCH the thing already – it’s NOT designed to get you to produce a perfect podcast from the first episode – because that desire for perfectionism is probably what’s kept you stuck for SO LONG.

Here’s what we will walk through…


Podcasting Equipment

In Chapter 1 we are going to get started with getting your podcasting equipment in place.

We’ll explain you just a couple of basics of what makes up a good mic for podcasting and why, and then we give you a couple of recommendations so that you can get those ordered right away.

We do not believe in recommending fancy equipment that you’re not going to need, so don’t worry!

Podcast Equipment


The Podcasting Ecosystem

This chapter is going to explain the entire podcast ecosystem to you in a matter of minutes.

You will learn just how easy it is to get your finished podcast episodes out to the world – and how your listeners will consume your show.


Plan Your Podcast

In chapter 3 you are going to plan out your entire podcast concept. Why are you doing it? Who is it for? What are you going to talk about? What problems are you solving? These questions are essential for you to have a solid basis for your podcast.

You will then choose your name, write the description, get started on your artwork and all the other pieces your podcast needs!

Plan Your Podcast
Podcast Planning


Get Set Up

Now we will prepare all of the infrastructure you need to start your podcast. We are going to sign up for podcast hosting, create your podcast master spreadsheet, set up the file structure on your computer and choose a recording and editing tool so that you have all of the pieces in place BEFORE you get started with recording.


Launch Planning

In chapter 5 you’re going to make a plan for your podcast launch. First you need to make a decision on your realistic timelines and then it’s time to decide exactly which of the launch activities you’re going to do. After that it’s time to write your launch plan.

Podcast Launch
girl recording


Recording and Editing

The time has come to make your intro and outro, your show trailer as well as your first five episodes.

We will go through what should be included in all of them and how to assemble everything.


Interviewing Guests

In chapter 7 we’re going to run throug the key tips for interviewing guests.

We will go over discussing expectations, efficiently booking interviews, the technical setup you need and how to run your interviews so that they always turn out well.

directories graphic


Podcast Directories

Now we will submit your podcast to ALL of the major podcast directories.

We will give you a checklist to work through to make sure that your listeners can find you on podcast launch day.


Your Podcast Website

In chapter 9 we discuss the basics that are needed for your podcast website.

We discuss what you need to include, what’s the best way to optimise your site and how you can set this up.



Social Media for Your Podcast

In this chapter we discuss how you can use social media to grow a true podcast community.

We discuss where you need to be online and what you can post to attract your ideal listeners to your podcast.

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What’s included with the Podcast Launch Toolkit?

Podcast Launch Toolkit

The 93-page Guide taking you through the launch process from start to finish

The Podcast Concept Worksheet to define your WHY

The Podcast Summary Sheet for you to keep THE most important details of your podcast handy

The Podcast Episode Master Spreadsheet to document your upcoming episodes and all relevant details

Perfect Episode Outline Guide so that you can plan the content of your episodes with ease

PLUS these bonuses to help you launch your podcast with a BANG…

Canva Template


Podcast Artwork – Canva Templates

For the DIYers here we’ve included 10 simple Canva Templates that you can use to develop your podcast artwork.

Simply change the photo/fonts/colours to fit your podcast brand and you’re on your way!

Podcast Guest Interview


Guest Interview Guide

Guest Interviews seem easy, but once you’ve tried to do one yourself you realise how many things can go wrong. In this guide we will give you all the tools and checklists you need to make a success out of your guest interviews.

This is being formatted and will be sent out as soon as the final version has come back to us.

podcast affirmations


Podcaster Affirmations

It has been proven that you can rewire your brain by changing how you think. Affirmations are one way you can shift your entire mood and make yourself feel powerful and that’s what will lead you to take action. Use these 10 affirmations to empower yourself when you’re not feeling it.

Get the Podcast Launch Toolkit Today!

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Do I need to have a huge budget to start a podcast?

No! If you have a message to share the best thing you can do is to SHARE it – of course we are going to give you tips on the tools that will make you sound the best without costing you an arm and a leg, but you don’t have to buy anything.

Will this product be updated?

Yes! This is our first draft and we will be amending sections are we’re getting feedback from everyone that’s using it. We will send the updated version out to everyone that has purchased with an updated on recent changes.

What is your refund policy?

Because this is a digital download and you are receiving all assets immediately we will not be issuing refunds.

If there is something missing from the toolkit that you feel based on the information provided here should have been included please email us at team-red@hustlegrounds.com so that we can take a look at it and remedy the situation where possible.

Will you teach me the exact steps on how to EDIT the podcast?

Editing a podcast is a skill that takes many hours of video training and practice to develop. While we will be releasing a course on this eventually this product focuses on getting your podcast launched. We do recommend programs for you to use as well as courses that will teach you the skills you need within the product.

Which format does the product come in?

This toolkit is produced entirely in written format in the form of PDF Guides, PDF Worksheets and Google Sheets.

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