Perfectly Edited Podcasts

On Time. Every Time.

Here’s how easy it is…


1. Book Your Editing Package

Book a call to get all your questions answered and we’ll book you in to start your editing.

2. We get your systems set up

Next we will get you set up with a project specific to your podcast, and add your checklists to help you manage your episodes.


3. You upload your audio files

Next you’ll upload your audio files into your online storage where we’ll pick them up.

4. We get to work

We get to work, edit your episodes and return them to you.

Producing perfectly edited podcast episodes, on time, every time is our mantra.

Want to get back to feeling the inital fun of podcasting?

Then it’s time to get our team on board to take the pressure off.

We will get you set up for success by creating an organisational structure for your podcast and a communication platform with our team.

We then get all of your files and your instructions and we get to work – only to return your perfectly edited episodes a few days later.

How do we work?

Project Management For Your Podcast

Each client is set up with an Asana account for their podcast. We will plot all of your upcoming episodes onto your board to be sure that we have an accurate representation of your current production status.

Fast communication with our team

Each client has access to their Podcast Manager through Slack as well as Email.

Organised File Storage

Each client has their own Google Drive structure created allowing us to exchange episodes without any delay.

Fast and accurate editing

Once your files have been uploaded we will return your finished files for the agreed due dates so you can review them and move into post production and publishing.

Publishing and Sharing

If you’re booked in for our full package we will now take care of your transcript, shownotes and schedule your episode on your podcast host.

How do I know if I’m ready to outsource my editing?

We do not encourage clients to put themselves in financial difficulty when hiring us for our services.

To be ready to outsource to our team we’d expect you to be fully committed to your podcast and either be generating revenue from it – or willing to subsidise the cost for the next 3 – 6 months.

How do I book myself in for podcast editing?

First, book yourself onto a discovery call with our team so that we can learn more about you, your podcast and your goals as well as schedule. This is to ensure that we are a good fit.

Then, if you’d like to go ahead, we will put some systems in place for you to ensure that we can efficiently communicate with you about your podcast episodes. We will also agree deadlines and a schedule that works for both sides and get any information from you specific to the editing of your episodes (such as your intro, outro etc.).

Once we’re setup it’s time to get to work on your episodes.

What are your turnaround times?

Depending on your package we will agree the due dates with you ahead of times. We can turn around podcast episodes in as little as 2 working days, however we like to get on a schedule that allows for proper quality control with some time having passed in between the editing and proofing.

Our Packages


Editing Only

Really does what it says on the tin. Your upload the episodes, we edit them and return them to you to take it further.

☞ Asana podcast board setup
☞ Slack Communications with your Podcast Manager
☞ Organised Storage for your files
☞ Incorporation of your intro, outro, interview and any sponsored ads

Price: Around $20 per 10 minutes


Editing and Everything Else

Includes everything from the Editing Package and:

☞ completion of your transcript
☞ writing your shownotes
☞ creating your episode graphic
☞ scheduling the episode on your host
☞ creating a blog post on your website with your latest episode (incl. embedding the player, shownotes and transcripts) – please note, no custom built sites

Price: Around $20 per 10 minutes + $199 per episode

Still Have Questions?