Quit my Podcast? Often, we are in denial when it comes to giving up on something we love, whether it’s a relationship, a job, or, in this case, your podcast. Your show is something that you have invested your time and energy on, you may have sacrificed a lot and it’s not simple to decide if it really is time to quit call it quits.  

So, to help you make the right decision for you and your show, we’re sharing the seven most common signs that it just might be time to quit your podcast and hit “record” for the last time.

1. You’ve Lost Your Motivation

We will rarely do anything well unless we are inspired to do so. So, if you’ve lost interest in podcasting, chances are you’re not going to put in the effort to make your podcast the best it can be. And if this is the case for you, it’s probably time to quit your podcast.

Lack of motivation will result in mediocre episodes and content, which you can bet your audience will notice and be less than pleased with!

So, if you’re lacking in motivation and can’t seem to find the motivation to put in your best effort in your episodes, it might be time to say goodbye to the airwaves and find your next adventure.

If you’re seriously considering ending your podcast, we suggest recording a farewell episode rather than letting it fade away. A farewell episode helps you to tie up loose ends, thank your listeners, and thank everyone who helped make your show possible for coming along for the ride.

A deliberate final episode allows you to end your podcast on a high note while also bringing closure to that chapter for both you and your listeners.


2. You’re Not Having Fun With It

Podcasting isn’t a medium that can be “faked” – at least not for long. Listeners can pick up on a podcaster’s lack of passion or enthusiasm for a topic quickly because audio is intimate.

Nobody will enjoy listening to you talk about something if you don’t enjoy talking about it. If you feel like you’ve arrived at this point, your numbers and engagement are likely to be on the decline, and you’ll need to take a different approach.

3. Your Topic Has Run Its Course

Perhaps your subject has come to a natural end. Every podcast has a different subject. The number of episodes in your podcast is entirely dependent on the subject you choose and the niche with which you align yourself.

Of course, there are times when you just can’t come up with new ideas for your episodes or your creative juices have run dry, and these aren’t reasons to abandon your podcast! There are a number of sound techniques you can use to give your podcast new life and get your episodes back on track.

However, if you’ve tried these methods and still have nothing to say and your topic has run its course, it’s time to make the tough decision to end your show.

is it time to quit your podcast

4. You’re Not Sure Where You’re Going

You’ll need to spend time, energy, and at least a little money to run a successful podcast series. There will be days when you struggle with something or doubt the value of something. On those days, you need to remind yourself why you’re doing this in the first place.

Knowing why you run your podcast will help you stay on track when things get tough, whether it’s your creative outlet or the way you market your business. This is something you should have figured out before going live. However, not everyone has.

If you just fell into doing your show and aren’t sure where it’s going, it’s a good time to sit down and think about whether it’s worth continuing

5. You Can’t Keep Up With Your Podcast’s Demands

A podcast can be time-consuming, but it also necessitates a significant amount of effort. As with most things, the more effort you put in, the better the results will be.

And, with more people entering the industry on a nearly daily basis, it takes more work, effort, and creative thinking on the part of the host to get your show to stand out.

This usually entails maintaining a blog and website in addition to creating social media accounts to aid in the development of a strong podcast community.

As your personal or professional obligations change and grow, you may find that you can no longer keep up with the demands of your podcast. And this could be another sign that you should consider ending your show, whether permanently or just for a season.

is it time to quit your podcast

6. You’re Not Satisfied With the Show’s Growth

If you’ve been hosting your show for a while, chances are you’ve been underwhelmed by the reaction. This may be in the form of downloads or engagement. Or maybe you believe your pleas for action are being ignored. Or that positive reviews only come around once in a while.

Setting reasonable expectations is a big part of it. Podcasting is a long game, and most “successful” podcasters have been at it for years. If you’ve only been producing episodes for a year or less, you’re unlikely to see any significant growth or tangible results just yet.

You must either be willing to persevere or choose another medium that you believe will provide more immediate results.

7. You’ve Given up Your Job to Pursue Your Podcast Full-Time

You can make a living as a podcaster, but as mentioned in the previous section, this usually takes years of putting out episodes and building your show.

There’s a good chance you made a mistake if you quit your day job to start a podcast, monetise it, and live off the profits.

Of course, this does not imply that you should abandon your podcast, but at this point, it’s all about what you can put into it rather than what you can get out of it.



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