How to Create Great Podcast Content

Twitter is a very popular platform with a very active podcast community. This makes Twitter the perfect media to promote your podcast and grow your show’s reach. 

Find out 7 useful tips on how to promote your podcast on Twitter and boost your audience.

1. Concentrate On The Brand’s Identity 

When it comes to having Twitter work for you, the first move is to make sure your account is compatible with your brand name. Users should be able to say who you are and what your podcast is about just by looking at your account.

Including a link to your podcast on your profile and pinned tweets. That will increase the likelihood of people finding and listening to the full episode. The key to promoting your podcast on Twitter is to make it as easy as possible for your followers.

Tip: Make the most of that pinned tweet! It could be where you share the link to your website, podcast or most recent episode. 

Hashtags boost discoverability while also allowing you to categorize all of the content relevant to your show. Spend some time coming up with a catchy hashtag. You want it to be easy to remember and spell, but most importantly, it should be exclusive to your show.

T2. Teaser Podcast Sneak Peeks

Now that your Twitter brand has been created, you’re ready to start sharing unique types of content. That will turn your Twitter followers into full-fledged members of your podcast community. The first type of content you can share is teasers or sneak peeks of upcoming podcast episodes.

The first type of content you can share is teasers or sneak peeks of upcoming podcast episodes. Audiograms are one of the most effective ways to do this.

The end result is a video clip of your podcast that you can then post on Twitter. Audiograms are a fun way to advertise your fantastic show and entice your listeners to listen to your podcast.

You could add some awesome “behind the scenes material next to intrigue-inducing sneak peeks to your twitter feed. This may include explaining your set-up method, how you plan for an episode or introducing a guest who will appear on your next episode.

how to use twitter to boost your podcast audience

3. Create Discussion Videos

Videos work well as Twitter content, so in addition to audiograms, teasers, and sneak peeks, you might create some short discussion videos to post on the website.

This may be something that relates to your most recent podcast show, delves further into a podcast subject, or simply shares a random question or topic you’re interested in.

Discussion-style videos often add value to your existing audience by allowing them to interact with even more of your valuable content and is an excellent way to promote your podcast on twitter.

They will help you develop your authority in your niche by demonstrating another facet of your experience, as well as demonstrating your enthusiasm for and expertise in your subject by hearing you talk candidly about it.

Tip: Be sure to engage with your audience if you ask questions or surveys, or post content that is meant to spark discussion.

If someone leaves a comment or asks a question about one of your tweets, do your best to answer. This type of interaction and communication is essential for building a strong podcast community because it strengthens the bonds between you and your listeners.

4. Share Your Favorite Podcasts

As previously mentioned, Twitter has a vibrant podcast community, which includes both podcast hosts and producers, as well as frequent podcast listeners. Following that, your own personal podcast suggestions are another important piece of content you should be sharing on Twitter.

Listening to a fantastic new show? Please share it with your social media followers! Spread the word by tweeting about them or posting the links to your Podchaser lists. You might also tweet an audiogram of the show’s trailer or an especially thrilling scene from one of the episodes. Remember to give credit to the creators!

Although this content isn’t specifically relevant to your podcast, it is based on the podcast industry as a whole, and it can help turn your Twitter followers into devoted podcast listeners.

Tip: On Twitter, the hashtag #podcastrecommendations is very popular, and you can use it to make connections and gain followers by sharing your recommendations.

how to use twitter to boost your podcast audience

5. Create Content-Related Images

Visual content performs incredibly well on Twitter, as it does on all social media sites, but if you can share visual content that also offers value, you’ve scored big! Turning your episode content into fun, eye-catching, and highly shareable images is one effective way to do this.

These might be eye-catching graphics with tips and tricks relevant to your niche, infographics with key points, or something else that catches your followers’ attention.

Remember that you want these photos to communicate relevant information that provides immediate value to your followers, but you also want it to pique their interest in learning more, which they can do by clicking on a given link and listening to the corresponding podcast episode.

Tip: Memes, gifs, and other lighthearted stuff, in addition to content-related photos, are a real crowd pleaser on Twitter.

You might also make your own niche-related inside jokes or memes. The goal here is to build highly shareable content, but you can also show off some of your personality, which helps to improve your podcast brand.

6. Promote Your Podcast Events

Twitter is a perfect place to share any promotional materials designed to let your followers know about the case, and since tweets are limited to 280 characters, it also lends itself well to quick reminder posts in the lead-up to the event.

And, by using your own hashtag, or even making one just for your case, you can really get people excited about it, and gain more and more momentum and followers as the big day approaches.

7. Go Live!

Going live on Twitter is another great way to increase your podcast’s audience. If you didn’t already know, Twitter has a fantastic feature that allows you to host live video or even only live audio, which is great for podcasters!

You may share live recordings of your podcast, with or without video, or just the audio alone. Live recordings may be intimidating, but they’re also a great way to put your hosting skills to the test!

As a general rule, all of the content you produce and post on Twitter (or any of your other social media platforms) should be tailored to your target audience. Your content should always be about them, not about you.

Yes, you want to promote your podcast on Twitter and attract new listeners, but you won’t be able to do so if the content you’re sharing isn’t relevant to your audience.

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