promote a podcast on instagram
We all know Instagram is a great tool to promote podcasts, but where to start and how to create revenue from instagram, are questions often asked by our customers.

That is why we created this step by step guide on how to promote a podcast on instagram. Find out how to make a stellar profile, gain instagram followers and market your podcast on Instagram successfully.

Here are 7 easy steps for you to promote your podcast on Instagram.

1. Articulate Your Brand and Creative Direction

To stand out from the masses and be recognised easily is a crucial part of marketing your podcast. For that you need a brand identity that is attractive and memorable to your audience throughout all your content including social media platforms like Instagram.

Let’s start with your brand assets:

  • Logo or Wordmark with multiple variations to assure legibility when used in different sizes and backgrounds.
  • Colors and other visual elements like patterns or textures will make you easily recognisable if used consistently.
  • Cover art is the first impression of your episode, so make sure people know what to expect with a legible title and get intrigued by a scroll-stopping composition.
  • Graphic designs with consistent tones, text, and animation assets will grab the attention of your Instagram followers attention.

If you are just starting your podcast make sure to have a specific target audience in mind while creating your brand. Engaging with your audience on Instagram is not only a great way to promote your podcast and grow your audience, but helps you create amazing content by getting to know what your listeners like. Keep in mind to write what you want to read in order to satisfy yourself and your audience with the content that you provide.

promote a podcast on instagram

2. Create an On-Brand Bio

After you created your profile you want to get right onto writing an amazing Instagram profile bio to let people know what your podcast is about. Your bio is the first thing people see finding your profile and a critical step to gaining Instagram followers.

To interest even more podcast listeners add a link to your latest episode under your description. Also add some hashtags that give viewers an understanding of your topic and effortlessly engage with your posts.

3. Plan a Photoshoot

People love to see the face behind the voice. Having images related to you and your podcast will make it easier for your audience to relate and reach them on a more personal level. Imagery also makes it easier for your instagram followers to remember and spread the word.

When you plan your photoshoot, think about what best to surround yourself with to reflect your subject. If the podcast is mainly about you, present yourself and the things you like. For a more niche focused podcast choose a setting that represents and relates to that specific niche.

4. Take a Classic Selfie

Besides all the graphics and on-brand content, the simplest way to let your audience see you is by posting a selfie to your Instagram. Whether it’s your selfie or a group selfie with your guest, it can greatly influence your Instagram and podcast growth.

Can’t interview your guest in person? Just post a headshot of your guest and tag them in the instagram post. That way you are reaching your guests followers as well as your own.

5. Create teaser posts

Level up your instagram promotion game by creating content using your episodes highlights. Like a movie trailer this will make your instagram followers curious about the episode and therefore more likely to click on that promotion link and listen to the entire podcast episode.

There are multiple ways of teasing your audience into engagement:

  • An inspirational or educational quote as a static or animated image.
  • Audio snippets of you or your guest in an audiogram.
  • A story or carousel of episode highlights.
promote a podcast on instagram

6. Your Instagram Feed

Thanks to all the free Instagram templates out there it is easier than ever to create good looking posts. But with such a big selection it is important to pick a Instagram theme that suits your brand in order for your posts to be consistent with the overall look you are going for.

A scheduler will help you to keep track of your Instagram theme and assure each post fits in visually. Planning and scheduling your posts is a great way of synchronising the release of new episodes with your Instagram marketing.

7. Make valuable connections on Instagram

Once your professional Instagram account is stable, stands out and feels like you, it is time to make connections with other podcasters. Appearing in other podcasters Instagram feed will increase your reach immensely and therefore spread the word about your podcast even further.

Simply start to follow and engage with their content and opportunities will come your way. Maybe you invite them as a guest, make a giveaway together or even a meet and greet event. Just don’t forget to engage with your loyal Instagram followers on the way.

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