how to boost your podcast confidence

In the podcasting world, there are a lot of great opportunities, creative people, and prospective ideas. But, there can be times that you lose your confidence and the motivation to keep going.

As one of my favourite quote says: “With confidence, you have won before you have started.”

Find out 6 different strategies that will help boost your podcasting confidence and lead you to success.

1. Sign up to Podcast Newsletters  

You need to get a wider sense of what’s going on in the industry and podcast newsletters will help you better understand that and eventually grow your podcasting confidence.

They contain the highlights, hot topics, and breaking podcast news stories happening in the industry. The newsletter also features great new shows to listen to and lists all the upcoming podcast events.

Being updated will grow your knowledge and help you learn from other podcasters’ mistakes. This will eventually improve the results of your podcast.

2. Learn All You Can

Make sure to always learn new things and grow your knowledge. 

Besides the podcast letters, there are other available options that will help you stay updated with the latest industry news such as social media.

There is no such thing as “too much learning”. That’s why you need to make it your mission to never stop learning and improve yourself.

how to boost your podcast confidence

3. Listen To Other Podcasts

There are two different outcomes when it comes to listening to other people’s podcasts. In order to have a positive one, you have to first listen to podcasts that give you an actual view of the industry, not just the pretty and easy part of it.

Listening to podcasts about “podcasting” is going to teach you all the right techniques to use and give you advice on what to improve.

After that, you can move on to listening to podcasts about self-confidence that will not only help your podcast confidence get better but also get rid of your insecurities and give you a personal boost. 

Some of the best alternatives to listen to increase your confidence levels are:

  1. Good Life Project
  2. Leveling Up: Creating Everything From Nothing with Natalie Jill
  3. Your Turn Podcast w/ Ashley Stahl 
  4. Inspire Nation with Michael Sandler
  5. The Minimalists
  6. Changeability Podcast: Manage Your Mind – Change Your Life
  7. The GaryVee Audio Experience

4. Attend Podcast Events

Podcasting can often get a little lonely, that’s why it’s best to take part in different podcast events and interact with new people in the industry.

You can share your experiences with them and understand that no one has gone through an easy journey to get to the greener side.

These events help bring podcasters together and give you the chance to meet some podcasting royalty, watch panel discussions, watch live podcast recordings, etc.

This will not only make you gain some important information but also create special relationships and even collaborate with them.

how to boost your podcast confidence

5. Know Your Strengths

The best way to give your confidence a boost, is to remind yourself of your strengths.

Although there may be a lot of things to improve, you have to appreciate your skills and the results up until now. This will not only grow your confidence but also give you a positive view and improve efficiency.

Focus on what you already have and know, NOT on what you don’t. This will only make your confidence levels go down. So instead value yourself and your talent to offer something to the industry.

6. Work On Your Weaknesses

Only reminding yourself of your weaknesses is not going to bring any good to you or your podcast. Instead, try to see them as an area to improve and gain more knowledge on.

It’s totally fine not to be perfect. Just be realistic about your weaknesses and work on turning them into strengths.

This will definitely give you more confidence and make you feel a lot better about the current and future of your podcast.

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