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Since you found this blog post, you are probably thinking about creating a podcast for marketing purposes. Read on and find out if a podcasting is the right marketing channel for your business, how to approach the subject and as a bonus in the end some tips from our experts. 


The building blocks of every business:

  • Sales
  • Operations
  • Delivery 
  • Finance
  • Marketing

All of these sections are significant and rely on one another. Your customers have to find your business for you to be able to sell your services and/or goods, which brings in the cashflow you need to deliver your services and reach more customers.

Marketing by definition is the action or business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising.

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There are a lot of platforms to market your business. But which one is right for you? That highly depends on what you feel most comfortable with. The market is flooded with content good and bad, but confidence and authenticity still produces the biggest reach and sales. So the first step figuring out your marketing strategy is to know what type of content you would enjoy producing

Formats of Marketing:

  • WRITTEN – Ebooks, Blog posts, Email Newsletters, Social Media 
  • STATIC VISUALS – Images, Infographics, Quotes, Graphic Designs
  • AUDIO – Podcast, Radio
  • VIDEO – YouTube, Webinars, Courses, Social Media Videos
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Podcasts are to radio, what Netflix is to TV. An on demand, purely auditive solution with a great selection in all sorts of niches and genres. Podcasts have become very popular. So popular in fact, that podcaster has become a working title. So to create a podcast for marketing purposes deserves a strong consideration.


  • The podcast POPULARITY is rising consistently since 2004.
    Blog posts on the other hand have been around a long time and were gaining in popularity up until 2009. Since there has been a steady decrease in google searches for blog posts.
    Only YouTube and social media are topping the podcasts popularity.


  • COMPETITION is relatively low. There are only around 1 Million active podcasts versus 37 Million YouTube accounts versus uncountable blog posts and social media accounts.

  • It does take a fair amount of EFFORT to script, record, edit, etc.. There is no denying a podcasts takes some time to put together, but there are less steps compared to creating video content. And you can always reduce production time by getting somebody to do the editing for you.

  • The PRODUCTION COMPLEXITY of creating a podcast is obviously higher compared to a blog post, but far easier than content creation in youtube or social media.
    You can record a podcast anywhere. All you need is some quiet and a microphone.
    Creating a whole batch at once? Not a problem! Since nobody will be able to tell that your beard has grown.

  • CONSUMABILITY is where podcasts really shine. Podcasts can be listened to anywhere and people tend to consume even hour long podcasts in full length. 

  • A strong CONNECTION between audience and podcaster. Voices are very personal and personable since they carry emotions and can even convey age, height and weight of the speaker.

By creating a podcast you can open the door to a whole new audience. Because you answer their questions, hand them solutions or satisfy their curiosity, your audience will seek your expertise. And you will have gained trusting listeners you can sell your services or products too.



Brand Positioning, Brand Awareness, Credibility

  • Know who your target audience is (ideally you know that already)
  • Create relevant content
  • Consider length of episode (commute)
  • Help your podcast to get found (example: creating a section on your website dedicated to the podcast, social media channel etc.)

Data is going to be crucial to determine what works and what doesn’t. After you have it all figured out and generated an audience you can then leverage all of its potential to grow your business.

Convert listeners to leads for your business

Gain email subscriptions by offering a downloadable freebie that’s associated with one of your episodes and ask for their email address. Once subscribed you can inform them about relevant content, business offers and services.

By using mini advertisements in all your podcast episodes, you can be your own sponsor and promote your products and services. Every episode should have a call to action link in the description. Make sure to tell people in your episode where to find that link and where it leads them to. You could send them to your products, your newsletter or free webinar.

Affiliate Revenue

By advertising products of other businesses that suit your audience you can create an extra stream of revenue.

Sponsorships & Collaborations

Potential joint ventures and collaborations with fellow podcasters of similar audiences, but different complementary products will lead to more opportunities for you to reach a wider audience.

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Something you want to consider with any kind of marketing is tracking your success. You need to know what is working for your business and what doesn’t.

One way of gaining that information is to have specific URLs on your podcast only. Like that you can check in your website Analytics which links have been used.

Example: In google analytics you can see episode 13 has had the most engagement, because the link used most often was

BONUS TIP: Create your Google Analytics account and set up some goals (for example the purchase of one of your courses, someone opting in to your newsletter, or someone booking a call). Then use UTM parameters on all of your links to establish the source of the click more easily in your reporting. You can then cloud those very long and ugly links with a service such as to keep the URLs manageable (or even custom). While this is no guarantee that a referral came from your podcast it will give you a good indication.

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