Perfectly Edited Podcast Episodes

On Time. Every Time.

Have you lost the spark when it comes to your podcast?


Are you dreading to record the next episode
because you know that means you need to edit it?


Do you want to get back to podcasting with lightness and ease?


Perfect, then you’re in the right place!

We know more than anyone that podcasting, like anything really, has two sides – the shiny front where you get to grow an audience, position yourself as an expert, work with sponsors, promote your products and services or get new clients for your business – and then there’s the dark side: Hours of editing (usually followed by hours of beating yourself up for saying “this is SO good” every time your guest finished speaking), writing your shownotes, creating your graphics, adding episodes to your blog etc.

The thing is, you really don’t need to do all of that by yourself.

You don’t need to listen to yourself talk for even one more minute.


We know getting support for your podcast can feel like a luxury…

… a little bit like getting a cleaner.

Your house isn’t really in as good of a shape as it could be, because let’s face it – ain’t nobody got time for that! But you also can’t quite prove that having a clean house makes you more efficient, happier and more productive – in turn earning you more money.

Your podcast is kinda the same.

Here’s what’s been true for our clients though:

☞ Our clients produce more episodes of a higher quality because the ONLY thing they need to focus on is to produce their content.

☞ Therefore our clients are growing faster
and getting more results sooner.

What can we support you with?

Improving the audio quality of your podcast episodes

We clean up your file so it’s the best quality it can be.

Removing errors

We remove any mistakes, filler words, tongue clicking and anything else that makes for an unpleasant listening experience.

We do your post production

After editing we write your shownotes, create your transcript, design your episode graphic, upload your episode to your host and publish it on your website.

Podcast Management

We manage every aspect of your podcast (your schedule, guest bookings, editing and post production) to make sure you’re never late again.

What we can help you with

Podcast Intro and Outro Production

Are you a brand new podcast? Have you changed sponsor? Kicked off a new season? Or just need a change?

We will produce your podcast intro and outro (with your own voice recording and your choice of royalty free music).

Podcast Editing Packages

All of our editing is done in line with our process so that each episode you get is of the same standard.

We first focus on improving the quality of your audio file, so that you and your guest sound your best, before moving on to editing the content of the episode. Then we proof-listen to your episode before returning it to you.

Post Production and Management Packages

If you’re looking to exclusively focus on creating content only, then check out our full post production and management packages below.


Editing and Post Production

If you want to not never touch the episode again once it’s been recorded, then this is for you.

Includes everything from your Editing Package and:

☞ completion of your transcript
☞ writing your shownotes
☞ creating your episode graphic
☞ scheduling the episode on your host
☞ creating a blog post on your website with your latest episode (incl. embedding the player, shownotes and transcripts) – please note, no custom built sites

Price: Your editing cost + $90 per episode


Full Podcast Management

If your podcast is an essential part of your business (or has become your business) and you have way too many other things calling for your attention then this is for you.

Includes everything from the Editing and Post Production Package and:

☞ managing your entire podcast workflow and in asana
☞ reaching out to potential podcast guests
☞ booking your guest interviews, sending instructions and follow up to avoid no-shows
☞ dealing with sponsors and ad placements, updating episodes with new intros, outros, mid-rolls etc.

Book a call to discuss your needs.

How do I know if I’m ready to get help?

To be ready to outsource to our team we’d expect you to be fully committed to your podcast and either be generating revenue from it – or willing (and able to!) to subsidise the cost for the next 3 – 6 months.

We do not encourage clients to put themselves in financial difficulty for anything (and in our opinion no coach or service provider should encourage people to do so). So, if your podcast is not yet monetised but you want to invest money from your day job or your business then that’s perfect – but please make sure your bills are covered first.

How many edits do you usually make per episode?

We have a high standard when it comes to editing. We budget 4x the length of your episode so that we can be sure we have enough time to edit out even smaller details without having to rush to finish off the episode.

For a 45 minute episode on average we remove between 150 and 200 silences and make an additional 100-200 edits depending on the host, guest and environment. This is in addition to the general improvements we make to every episode.

We want you to sound your best!

How can I see the quality of your work?

Good question! The first step would be for you to check the portfolio page, there you will find a selection of episodes we’ve edited in the past.

Next, we know that nothing is as good as you experiencing our service with YOUR podcast, because you know the recording best, so we offer each client a trial episode before we start working together.

Simply fill out the contact form, or if you have additional questions, book yourself in for a call and we’ll sort you out with a free trial.

How can I book myself in?

Just head to the contact page, and fill out the form to tell us more about you and your podcast and when you’d like to start.

OR if you have questions, book a call!

What are your turnaround times?

We encourage our clients to develop a system for batch recording to ensure that we can work ahead of time – however we understand that that is not possible for everyone.

If we’re only editing your podcast we need your files 2 full business days before the release date.

If we’re editing and doing your post production/if you’re on the superior package then we will need them at least 3 business days before the release date.

What is your workflow and how do I share files?

We communicate with clients for editing and post production via slack.

For our full podcast management we will set you up in Asana.

Each client has a dedicated folder system in our Google Drive where you upload your episodes to. We will then edit and return them to you via the same folder and notify you in slack that we’re done.

Are you working with sponsors to place ads?

No. Our clients fall into two groups.

Some are business owners who sell info products and services and sponsorships and ads are a small piece of the income they generate from their offers.

For others their podcast has become their business and they exclusively work with large sponsors within their niche.

Still Have Questions?