how to get more podcast listeners with email marketing

Are you struggling to get your podcast listeners to come back time and time again? Then this article is for you. We’ll explain how you can get more podcast listeners with email marketing.

If you’re an entrepreneur then you are most likely already familiar with email marketing and the importance of it – and you can probably safely skip ahead to the next section. If you’re however new to the online world then let’s start by giving you a bit of an introduction to the topic of email marketing.

Affiliate Disclaimer. Before we dive into this content it’s just fair to make you aware that this article may contain affiliate links. We have standards around here, so we will never recommend a product or service that we haven’t either used ourselves (or with our clients) successfully. Sometimes these affiliate links will even get you special deals that are not available otherwise, or unlock special bonuses from us. In any case we want you to know that we really appreciate your support if you sign up for a tool with our affiliate link. Let’s dive in.

Email Marketing 101

Email Marketing by definition is ‘the process of using email to advertise and sell products and services’Cambridge Dictionary

Even if you’re currently NOT using your podcast to sell any additional products or services, your podcast itself can be considered the final product that is being ‘sold’ to the listener – and that’s where you can use email marketing to bring your audience back to your podcast time and time again.

We’d recommend that you develop a way to gather email leads right from day 1 (or maybe day 10) of your podcast, so that you start building a database of leads that you can contact at any point in time to bring pack to your business (or just to bring them back to your podcast).

This will ensure that even if all social media platforms stopped operating over night, you could still contact your audience simply by sending an email campaign to them.

Email Marketing – The tech

To be able to use email marketing for YOUR podcast you need a few different things:

Email Service Provider

To be able to build an email list, you need what’s called an email service provider. These are tools that allow you to send emails in bulk to thousands of contacts at a time and in an automated fashion.

There are many different providers out there such as Mailchimp, Mailerlite, Active Campaign and ConvertKit. (Jess is a ConvertKit Certified Expert, and has worked with ConvertKit for more than 5 years. She personally recommends them, because of the simplicity of using ConvertKit as well as the range of functionalities that you get for the price. It’s a really good balance).

If you are not ready to invest in this tool and want to get started with a free plan, then we’d suggest using Mailerlite, because ConvertKit’s forever free plan is limited in features.

Business Domain and Email

You cannot send bulk emails via email service providers from a gmail or hotmail address. Therefore as a minimum you would need a domain name that you own as well as business email. (You can get these without a full website, although you may want one of those anyways.)

We use Namecheap for domain names.

If you’re going to build a full website for your podcast then we’d recommend Siteground combined with WordPress Hosting and the Divi Theme.

Your Lead Magnet

Mostly your listeners will NOT just give you their email address in exchange for nothing. So you will need to develop what’s often referred to as a ‘freebie’ or a ‘lead magnet’ that you’re going to automatically send to people in exchange for them registering on your email list. The best freebies are highly relevant to getting your ideal listener a result that they would really want in their lives. After they have opted in you can email them as often as you like.

A landing page for your lead magnet

Now you need a page that you can put all the information about your freebie on (as well as the actual opt-in form that people are going to fill out). If you have a full website, then you can build that page on your website. Otherwise you may have opted for a good email service provider they may come with a landing page builder (that’s one of the reasons why I like ConvertKit for beginners).

Explaining exactly how all of this is set up, is out of the scope of Pristine Podcasts, but if you need additional resources here, let us know and we can point you in the right direction.

How to get more podcast listeners with email marketing

Ok, now we discussed HOW we’re going to get people from your podcast onto your email list. Now how is your email list going to help you to bring more depth to your podcast (and keep your listeners coming back for more).


Build intimacy and trust

There is no doubt about it! Podcasters that build a personal relationship with their listeners are getting people coming back for more week after week. Email is a great platform to share more in depth information with your listeners. You can offer deeper perspectives, share more personal stories and build deeper trust. Or you could share the not-so-glorious side of podcasting by sharing bloopers and behind the scenes footage.

Ask for opinions and feedback

Email is also an amazing platform for asking your listeners to give you some feedback on your latest episode, share their opinion on specific topics, give you ideas for what they would see in upcoming episodes, or simply share their story. All they have to do is hit reply!

Announce new episodes

Of course you can also let your audience know when your latest episode is out. Although if they’re regular listeners they know exactly which day and time you usually publish and they’ll email you if you don’t!

how to get more podcast listeners with email marketing

Share additional resources

You can also share additional resources with your audience that will benefit them. Some of those may be affiliate links or sponsored products. The more ways you have to reach out to your audience and educate them on those resources the likelier you are to get paid for doing so!

Offer your own products and services

If you ARE a business owner (or you sell additional products related to your podcast brand such as merchandise) then email is a great way to make your audience aware of your products and link them back to your online store or payment processor.


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